this is about me….

It’s me, Maria. The girl with the camera who finds the magic within the ordinary. My priority as a photographer is to capture those authentic moments that truly matter. To me, it’s not just about the images, it’s about the feeling. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHYING PEOPLE, EVENTS, properties, food, almost everything and everybody.Currently , I’m offering brand photography/ branding identity sessions.

When I’m not taking or editing pictures, you can find me exploring this amazing city, often in parks or libraries, reading books on just about everything ( yes, I just love studying and researching ) or trying my hand in the kitchen with some ( very simple ) recipes. I am a multilingual (some 6 languages so far) a qualified teacher/tutor, a (ex) journalist and a full time photographer. It’s been a long journey getting here, but here I am, and I absolutely could not imagine doing anything else. I have been published in Vogue Spain, Vogue Children Spain, El Pais, EPS (Grupo Prisa ), Mia (Group G+J), El Viajero (Traveller) and my clients’ have included The London Stock Exchange, London Fashion Week, Better Gyms, London Comedy Club, Save the Children, etc. Let’s work together ! PS. I have a DBS Certificate and I follow the Covid 19 guidance.